School of Business, Université du Québec à Montréal

Professor & Expert in Sports Marketing

André Richelieu

André Richelieu has been a University Professor for seventeen years now and has more than twenty years of experience teaching in Universities (since 1992). He specializes in brand management and sport marketing in the context of globalization. His research relates to: i) How sport organizations can leverage their brand equity by capitalizing on the emotional connection they share with their fans; ii) How sport organizations and athletes can internationalize their brand; and iii) How cities and countries can leverage their brand abroad through a sport oriented place branding strategy. Besides the numerous journal articles Prof. Richelieu has published, he is the co-author of Sport Marketing (2011), Global Sport Marketing (2012) and Sport Marketing (2014). Prof. Richelieu has given over 1,500 interviews to the Canadian and international media on sport marketing and sport business. He has lived in and travelled to over sixty countries or territories in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, for both leisure and professional purposes. He speaks five languages.