Red Bull Athlete

Freestyle Footballer

Kotaro Tokuda(TOKURA)

Tokura started playing football when he was in sixth grade. But after three years, he was forced to quit due to injury. Around the same time, he became intrigued by freestyle football and began practising and honing his ball skills in his hometown, as a member of Team-Lingo. A combination of dedication and natural talent saw Tokura take the win at the Red Bull Street Style Japan Final 2009, when he was in 12th grade. Fresh from his success, he went on to participate in Red Bull Street Style World Final 2009, held in South Africa, but was eliminated in the preliminary round. However, this disappointment didn’t dampen Tokura’s drive, and he went away feeling even more driven to diversify his skillset and practise new moves and tricks. In 2012, Tokura again competed in the Red Bull Street Style World Final and, with his newfound confidence and abilities, his dream to become the world champion came true. Various TV programmes have flocked to offer him screentime to perform in front of the camera, and he has since been invited to be a lecturer for freestyle soccer workshops all over Japan and now travels widely as an ambassador for his sport. Tokura is famous for his signature ninja-style tricks, performing jaw-dropping acrobatic moves such as the ‘backflip catch’.